Cookies policy

The general legal framework regulating the protection of personal data is provided by the General Data Protection Regulation No. 679/2016 („GDPR”) in force in the European Union, and the Cookies Policy results from its requirements.

This Cookie Policy describes various types of cookies used by our website.

What are cookies?

An „Internet Cookie” (also known as „browser Cookies”, „HTTP cookie” or „cookies”) is a small file of letters and numbers stored on computers, mobile terminals or other user devices through which the user has access to Internet.

Cookies are installed on request, emitted by a web server in the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Once installed, cookies have a long life, but remain „passive”, meaning they do not contain viruses or spyware and will not be able to access information on the user’s hard drive on whose device they are installed.

A cookie consists of two parts:

– names and

– file content or value.

What and how do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve the website in terms of use and functionality, and to better understand how visitors use the website and the services it offers.

Storing cookies on your computer allows us to easily and conveniently personalize and improve your reception of our website and make your next visit to the website more enjoyable.

We do not use cookies to collect personal information such as your first and last name, but we may combine the information contained in the cookie with other personal information collected (such as a registration form).

How to manage COOKIE MODULES?

Refusal to use cookies

You have the option of accepting the use of cookies, which will allow you to fully use all the functionalities of the website without restrictions. Lack of your consent to the use of necessary cookies may have a negative impact on your reception of the website and its functionality.

Rejecting other categories of cookies may not affect the users’ reception of the website and its functionality. If you do not agree to the use of all cookie categories, essential and third-party cookies will be deactivated. In addition, cookies will be deleted. We will not be able to delete third party cookies and you will therefore have to delete them yourself. This can be done in the browser settings.

Deactivation and / or deletion of cookies from the browser

Furthermore, cookie settings can be changed via the internet browser. The web browser allows you to edit cookie settings. These settings are usually available in the browser menu: „options”, „tools” or „preferences” menu. You can also refer to the „Help” menu of your browser. Browsers may use various mechanisms to disable cookies.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Microsoft Edge

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome for the desktop

Cookie settings in Chrome for Android

Cookie settings in Safari

The same rules apply to your browser settings for the deletion of cookies as for the deactivation of new cookies. Please follow the instructions described above. Online tools are available to delete all cookies on the websites you visit, e.g. When accessing our website from another computer, remember to configure the settings.

What kind of COOKIE MODULES do we use?

Necessary cookies guarantee functions without which you will not be able to use our website and we ensure, among other things, that when you access the website functionalities, you will see a version with a broadband connection corresponding to your internet connection. Additionally, such a cookie ensures switching from http to https mode when changing pages. In addition, such cookies will store your decision regarding the use of cookies on our website.

The essential cookies we use are:

– cookies used only for the transmission of data via the Internet

– cookies that are strictly necessary for us to be able to provide you with the requested service (i.e. if

these cookies are deactivated, the service will not be possible).

Our basis for using the necessary cookies for the purposes described above is our legitimate interest to ensure the functioning, access and use of the Website and to provide you with the services requested.

Statistical cookies: These are cookies used to provide us with statistical information about the performance of the website (e.g. number of visits, traffic sources).

Marketing cookies: These are cookies that allow the website to remember your choices and provide you with more personalized and improved features. This category may include third party cookies.

Expressing consent to cookie modules

There are several reasons why we would like to use certain categories of cookies, but we need your consent for this. To accept them, click the „Save Settings” button or the „Open Settings” button to learn more about the categories of cookies used and to restrict the use of some of them.

You will be able to choose specific categories of cookies used on our website. The cookie bar will remain visible until you express your preferences. If you choose not to use cookies from this category, we will not use cookie categories other than those strictly necessary for the website to function.

Preference Center

Except for the categories of cookies that are strictly required to operate the website, you can accept or decline the use of cookies in each category by moving the selector to the end of each line in the options field that appears on the screen or directly from the cookie file information bar.

Whenever you are asked to consent to or refuse to use a cookie category, you will receive the necessary information from us regarding the following: the choice of the cookie category, the identity of the data controller, whether the cookies are persistent or session cookies, or with parent or third party cookies (except for essential cookies, which are always parent cookies), and whether your personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area.

After accepting the use of a given category of cookies, you can return to the selection options and deactivate them (except for cookies that are necessary for the website to function) as follows:

  • by clicking the „Open Settings” button on the cookie banner displayed on the first access page;
  • clicking on the permanent „COOKIES” link in the footer, which is available on every tab of the website.


This Cookie Policy was changed on November 26, 2018.